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When Girls Shave the Sides of Their Head

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An image capturing the fearless expression of individuality as a girl confidently reveals her shaved sides, showcasing intricate geometric patterns etched into her hair, exuding empowerment and breaking societal norms

As someone who has always been fascinated by the evolution of beauty trends, I couldn’t help but notice a rising phenomenon: girls shaving the sides of their heads.

It seems like everywhere I turn, more and more women are embracing this bold and edgy hairstyle.

In this article, I will delve into the history behind shaved sides in women’s hairstyles, explore the reasons behind its popularity, discuss the pros and cons, and provide tips on styling and maintaining this unique look.

Join me on this journey as we break stereotypes and empower women through their choice of hairstyle.

Key Takeaways

  • Shaved sides have a long historical significance, being associated with mourning in Ancient Egypt and rebellion in Ancient Greece.
  • Shaved sides have become a popular fashion statement, with celebrities like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus inspiring the trend.
  • Shaved sides represent rebellion, individuality, and breaking away from traditional beauty standards.
  • Shaved sides empower women by boosting self-confidence, challenging societal expectations, and promoting inclusivity and equality.

The History of Shaved Sides in Women’s Hairstyles

Did you know that the history of shaved sides in women’s hairstyles dates back to ancient times?

Shaved sides have had cultural significance throughout history and have evolved in different eras.

In ancient Egypt, women shaved their heads as a sign of mourning.

In ancient Greece, women with shaved heads were associated with rebellion and independence.

During the Renaissance, shaved sides were seen as a fashion statement among the aristocracy.

In the 20th century, women embraced shaved sides as a symbol of empowerment and non-conformity.

Today, shaved sides have become a popular trend, with many celebrities and fashion icons sporting this edgy look.

From its cultural significance to its evolution in different eras, the history of shaved sides in women’s hairstyles is fascinating.

Now let’s explore the rise of shaved sides as a fashion statement.

The Rise of Shaved Sides as a Fashion Statement

The trend of sporting shaved sides has become increasingly popular as a fashion statement. Many women, including celebrities, have been seen rocking this edgy hairstyle, which has led to its rise in popularity.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Cassie have been a significant source of inspiration for this trend. They have showcased their shaved sides on red carpets and in music videos, making it more acceptable and even desirable.

Shaved sides have gained cultural significance as well, as they represent rebellion, individuality, and breaking away from traditional beauty standards. This hairstyle allows women to express their unique style and challenge societal norms. It has become a symbol of empowerment and self-expression.

As the trend continues to gain momentum, more and more women are embracing shaved sides as a bold and fashionable choice.

Pros and Cons of Shaving the Sides of Your Head

One of the pros of shaving the sides of your head is that it creates a unique and edgy look. This bold hairstyle has gained popularity in recent years, especially among women seeking to make a fashion statement. Here are some reasons why shaving the sides of your head can be advantageous:

  • Increased social acceptance: As society becomes more inclusive and accepting of diverse hairstyles, shaved sides have become a symbol of self-expression and individuality.

  • Versatility in styling: Shaved sides offer a blank canvas for various hairstyles, allowing you to experiment with different looks and accessories.

  • Quick and easy maintenance: With less hair to manage, styling and daily maintenance become much quicker and hassle-free.

  • Enhanced cooling effect: Shaved sides can provide a cooling sensation during hot weather, making them a practical choice for those who live in warmer climates.

  • Hair regrowth potential: If you decide to grow your hair back, shaved sides can provide a fresh start for healthier hair growth.

Overall, shaving the sides of your head can offer a unique and stylish appearance, while also allowing for versatility and ease of maintenance.

How to Style and Maintain Shaved Sides

Styling and maintaining shaved sides is a breeze, thanks to the versatility and low-maintenance nature of this edgy hairstyle. Whether you’re going for a bold look or a subtle statement, there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling shaved sides. Here are some styling tips and hair care techniques to help you rock this trend with confidence:

Styling Tips Hair Care
Experiment with different lengths and textures to find your perfect look. Keep your scalp moisturized to prevent dryness and itchiness.
Use a texturizing product to add volume and definition to your shaved sides. Protect your hair from heat damage by using a heat protectant before styling.
Try out different braiding and updo styles to showcase your shaved sides. Regularly trim and shape your shaved sides to maintain a clean and polished look.

Breaking Stereotypes: Empowering Women With Shaved Sides

Breaking stereotypes and empowering women with shaved sides allows for greater celebration of individuality and self-expression. By challenging traditional beauty standards, women are reclaiming their bodies and embracing their unique style. Here are five reasons why shaved sides have become a symbol of women’s empowerment:

  • Increased self-confidence: Shaving the sides of their head can empower women by pushing them outside their comfort zones and boosting their confidence.

  • Breaking gender norms: Shaved sides challenge societal expectations of how women should look and behave, promoting inclusivity and equality.

  • Embracing individuality: Shaved sides allow women to express their personal style and stand out from the crowd.

  • Defying beauty standards: Women with shaved sides challenge the notion that femininity is tied to long, flowing hair, promoting a more diverse and inclusive definition of beauty.

  • Encouraging self-expression: Shaved sides provide a canvas for women to experiment with different hairstyles, colors, and accessories, allowing them to express their creativity freely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Health Risks Associated With Shaving the Sides of Your Head?

There can be health risks associated with shaving the sides of your head, such as skin irritation or infection. It’s important to practice proper hair care and styling techniques to minimize these risks.

How Long Does It Take for the Hair on the Sides to Grow Back After Shaving?

It usually takes about 4-6 weeks for the hair on the sides to grow back after shaving. In the meantime, there are plenty of stylish ways to rock shaved sides and some tips for maintaining them.

Can Shaving the Sides of Your Head Cause Damage to the Hair Follicles?

Shaving the sides of your head can potentially cause damage to the hair follicles, leading to slower hair regrowth. It’s important to consider the potential risks and consult with a professional before making any hair-related decisions.

Are There Any Specific Hair Products or Tools Recommended for Styling Shaved Sides?

When it comes to styling shaved sides, there are a few recommended hair products and tools. For a sleek look, try using a pomade or wax. And for trendy hairstyles, consider braids or a pixie cut.

What Are Some Common Misconceptions or Stereotypes Associated With Women Who Shave the Sides of Their Head?

There are several misconceptions and stereotypes associated with women who shave the sides of their head. These stem from societal expectations and often assume that this hairstyle is indicative of rebellion or a lack of femininity.


In conclusion, shaving the sides of your head can be a bold and empowering choice for women.

While some may argue that it goes against societal norms or that it may not be seen as professional in certain environments, it’s important to remember that personal expression and individuality should always be celebrated.

With the right styling and maintenance, shaved sides can be a fashionable and versatile look.

So go ahead, break the stereotypes and embrace your unique style!